Tiger Tales Nov. 16th

Dear Colfax Families,

As a parent, I always notice how my children start to get sick with the start of the school year. We want to support you in staying healthy this Flu Season and knowing what to do if your child does get sick. That is why this week’s message is coming to you from our school nurse Liz Van Nostrand


Sandra Berumen

Principal [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Nov. 9th

Dear Colfax Families,

What if the most important adults in a child’s life were on the same page, working together toward the student’s success? For years, research has shown that families are essential to student and school success. Effective family engagement builds relationships and capacity, and is linked to student learning. [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Nov. 2nd

Dear Colfax Families,

Colfax Elementary is committed to the health and well-being of all our students.  We know students are successful academically if they are healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe and their social and emotional needs are met. All meals and snacks provided to students during the school day meet the minimum nutrition standards. Students are encouraged to reduce the amount of high calorie foods and sugary drinks.  Our salad bar offers healthy options like fruits and veggies rather than the high calorie sugar or salt laden fast foods.  [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Oct. 25th

Dear Colfax Families,
As you know parent teacher conferences have been taking place this week. Twice a year, Colfax holds official parent/teacher conferences. These conferences play a critical role in establishing a good relationship with your child’s teacher. Careful preparation for this conference can help you get more out of it, as well as enable your child’s teacher to better understand how he or she can help your child succeed in school. [Read more…]

Tiger Tales October 12th

Dear Colfax Families,

Winter weather is here! The change that comes with our seasons is beautiful and cold! Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for this change with a winter coat, boots, hat, gloves and scarf. Please let us know if you need support purchasing any of  these items. We are happy to help! Unless it is snowing, raining or below 30 degrees students will have recess outside. [Read more…]