Tiger Tales April 25th


With Mr. Hydrick

Today is the day!! I hope everyone remembers and can come to the extremely fun Glow Party we have planned. I’d like to “SHOUT OUT” Heather Abreu for all her hard work and dedication to make this wonderful night happen.

One part of the Glow Party will be 4th and 5th grade students performing a cardio drumming dance routine. 4th grade will be dancing to a kids bop version of the song Starships and 5th grade will be dancing to When Can I See You Again? by Owl City.

The younger grades will not have choreographed dance to perform but they will be invited to join in on a couple of simple dance along songs. Once again, huge shout out to Heather Abreu for all of her dedication and planning to give us this special event. Be sure to tell her how awesome she did when you see her!!

Love, Mr. Cole Hydrick