Tiger Tales August 24th

We would like to welcome our new staff for the 2017-2018 school year!

Arely Velazquez-Health Tech Para
Heather O’Keefe-Kinder ELA-E
Athena Bateman-1st ELA-E
Nidia Vivanco Montoya-1st/2nd ELA-S
Evangelina Riveros-3rd ELA-S
Jenny Matthews-.5 Intervention
Heather Abreu-Visual Arts
Christeen Leal-Mild-Mod/Intervention
Emily Galeano-School Psychologist
Charlie Neely- Library/STR
Kenya Valenzuela-ECE Para
Manuel Digesualdo -Facilities

Mohammed Al-Rubaye will now be an ECE para and Nieca DeLaRosa will be our .7 interventionist.
Aug. 30th – Parent Leadership Team (PLT) 8:30-9:30

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 4th – Labor Day – No School

Sept. 5th – CSC 3:30-4:30

Sept. 7th – Back to School Night 4:00-6:00pm

Sept. 8th – Coffee with the principals 8:30-9:00

Sept. 14th – Skate City

Oct 3rd – CSC 3:30-4:30

What are some of the important things our students and families need to know about attending Colfax Elementary School?

Arrival/Dismissal: Colfax doors unlock at 7:30 for breakfast. Supervision for recess starts at 7:45, we will not have adults outside until then. If you are dropping your student off in front of our school, please be sure not to block the area that has cones in it. This area is reserved for our school bus to drop students off every morning. Please be sure you look at the parking signs along both sides of the street, due to street sweeping April-November. For safety reasons, please do not park in the middle of the road and drop students off. Thank you!

Breakfast: We serve breakfast every morning in our cafeteria starting at 7:30. All students are expected to be with their class by 8:10 each morning or they will need to get a popsicle stick pass before going to class. Students who are late will be offered a sack breakfast to take to class or be offered a hot breakfast in the cafeteria, per the 2017 parent survey. We want to ensure they don’t miss the most important meal of the day!

Friday Morning Meeting: Every Friday morning, all of our students and staff join together to celebrate students and promote a positive school culture. Our celebrations include two core value winners, students who meet their literacy and math goals, students who have reached the top of the climbing rope in PE, classes and students with high attendance, homeroom college cheers, and any other student or class accomplishments. All family members are welcome to join us each Friday from 8:10-8:30am.

Coffee with the Principals Fridays: Another good time to communicate with us will be on Friday mornings from 8:30-9:00, after Friday Morning Meetings, over a nice cup of coffee. We will be setting up a coffee station in the family nook, located in front of the office on this day.

Toys/Cell Phones/Ipods: Please keep toys, cell phones, Ipods and other computer games at home. If you would like your child to use a cell phone before or after school to contact you, the cell phone must be turned off and in the child’s backpack each day. If a child is found using toys, computer games or a cell phone, the item will be taken from the student and you will be expected to come to school to pick it up. Thank you for your support in helping us eliminate interruptions during the instructional day.

Student dress expectation: All students are expected to come to school prepared for learning wearing a Colfax uniform shirt every day. School uniforms shirts and sweatshirts are on sale in the main office every morning. School uniform shirts cost $9.00 each and the sweatshirts cost $16.00 each. If your child comes to school and is not wearing a Colfax school uniform, we may provide a loaner uniform or we will contact you and request you bring a school uniform to school.

Lunchroom expectations: For health reasons, when packing lunch, we ask students not to bring soda and candy to school for lunch. In addition, please don’t pack hot chips. We noticed that the chips leave an orange/red residue on their hands. As a result, the residue ends up on the student desks, hallway walls, book, and computers. We appreciate your help and support.

Breakfast/Lunch information: Did you know you can pay for your child’s lunch before our school day begins? Parents are welcome to visit our cafeteria to arrange for lunch payments. Please see our lunch calendar on our website! If you have any questions about our free and reduced lunch program, please call to speak to our cafeteria manager, Marleasa Deleon at 720-424-8747.

Student Recess/ Lunch Schedule: Parents are welcome to join their child for recess and lunch every day. Please be sure you sign in the main office and get a visitor’s badge. We ask you sit with your child at our parent table in our cafeteria and make sure your child goes back to class on time with his class when his teacher picks the class up. Please see the schedule at the end of this newsletter.

Visitor information: We welcome visitors at Colfax Elementary School! When you visit us at Colfax, please press the doorbell that is located in front of our school on the outside of our building. This will inform the office that you’re here. We will activate the door allowing you to enter. Please check into our main office where we will ask you to sign in. We will then provide you with a visitor badge to identify you as a visitor to staff and students. Please know we need you to sign in at the main office and pick up a visitor’s badge with your name on it. Many parents visit for lunch with their child or to watch during recess. To ensure student safety, please only use the back and front doors (east and west), as these are the doors that are supervised with cameras and staff. Please do not enter or exit through the south doors (near Colfax). We don’t have any supervision and we want to ensure that no strangers enter the building. We appreciate your support and look forward to having you visit us soon! Thank you!

Box Tops for Education Program: Colfax is once again participating in the Box Tops for Education program! The money raised from collecting Box Tops will go to support our Colfax Learning Garden. The top two classes with the most Box Tops will earn an extra recess! Please have your child turn their Box Tops into their homeroom teacher. Start clipping Box Tops and bring them into your teacher today. Please see the attached page explaining how to participate in our Box Top program this year. Thank you for your continued support!

Discovery Links After School Program: Are you interested in signing your child up for an after school program? Please contact Lysa Stewart, our director at 720-424-8786 or on her cell phone at 720-692-7994.

Our program runs Monday- Friday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm and snack and dinner will be served daily.

Skate City Nights at Colfax: We are excited to announce our 2017-2018 Skate City dates: September 14th, October 12th, Nov. 9th, December 14th, January 18th, February 8th, March 8th, April 12th and May 10th.

K-5th grade students are allowed to go without a parent, but it is highly recommended that kindergarten parents accompany their child to the skating arena. ECE students can only go if they are accompanied by an adult the entire time.

Students will leave Colfax promptly at 3:40 pm and return at 6:30 pm to meet parents in front of the school. Students are responsible for paying for themselves at the skating arena. The price for entry and skate rental is $6.50 and unfortunately, food is not included in the cost. Students are also responsible for their own behavior at school and at Skate City. If students have trouble following classroom expectations or those at Skate City, they might be told they cannot participate in future skating events.

Our first Skate City event will be on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Students will meet outside on the basketball courts, after school, in a designated Skate City area. All skate city forms are the responsibility of the students until the day of the event. The permission slips need to be completely filled out.

Please contact the Skate City team, Mr. Garcia, Ms. Franco, or Ms. Molina with any questions or concerns at 720-424-8740

Triple Crown awards and Raz Kids: This year we’ll be using Raz Kids rather than Accelerated Reader(AR) in order to monitor their growth. We still want to celebrate students who achieve their reading goals. The Triple Crown will now be the RAZ-zle Dazzle Readers Awards. Please keep an eye out for more information in your Thursday folders.

Family Leadership Opportunities

Collaborative School Committee: The Collaborative School Committee (CSC) brings together families, staff and community members. We work together to enhance student achievement and school climate by engaging school community in collaborative efforts that support the school and district’s goals.This committee meets on a regular basis throughout the school year and is an opportunity for key stakeholders to have a voice in their school.We are excited to announce our CSC meeting dates for this school year! CSC will be meeting on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30, once a month on the following dates:
September 5th
October 3rd
November 7th
February 6
March 6th
April 3rd
May 1st
We need three parents to serve on this committee as representatives. If you are interested please call Ms. Sandra, Principal, at 720-424-8742 or email at sandra_berumen@dspk12.org. If we have more than three parents interested in being representatives we will reach out to the community to vote. All parents are welcome to attend but only the three parent representatives have voting power. Parents, please join us for our meetings each month!

Monthly Parent Leadership Team meetings from 8:30-9:15: We will have our first meeting on August 31st from 8:30-9:15 in the library. These meetings present an opportunity for school leaders to share news, collaborate with families to make important decisions and plan for family events. I hope you will join us at these monthly meetings to share your voice in important school decisions.