Tiger Tales Jan. 19th

Dear Colfax Families,

I wanted to give you a closer look into our Physical Education Program at Colfax.  I’ll be talking about our daily routine, behavioral management system, relationship building, and the P.E. focuses.  

Daily Routine

Active Time (students get to choose from equipment that we’ve gone over to enhance skills such as hand-eye coordination, fitness, agility, and balance).  There are two rounds that are four minutes each. Students must switch to different equipment after each round, so they can be well rounded in multiple areas of fitness and activity.

Stretching (students stretch three different major muscle groups in their legs.  They count out loud in a different language each month.)

Run/Jog (students have six different choices to move clockwise around cones for two minutes before switching directions for another two minutes with the same choices)

Stretching (students stretch three different major muscle groups in their legs.  They count out loud in a different language each month.)

Push-Ups (students have a choice of two different types of push-ups and perform this for 10 seconds.  They are counting out loud during this exercise.)

Jumping Jacks (students are performing this for 10 seconds.  They are counting out loud during this exercise.)

Partner Sit-Ups (students choose a partner to perform sit-ups with at the same time and are given 30 seconds for this exercise)

Activity (this will change either daily and/or weekly and will coincide with what unit we are working on)

Lesson closure/drink (the class will discuss the objectives from the lesson and talk about their experiences from it.

Behavioral Management System

Students are expected to follow the one classroom rule:  You can do anything you want to, as long as it doesn’t cause a problem with someone else.  I (the teacher) am considered part of the class.  If a student moves off task and is spoken to, then they are politely redirected on task.  If this happens three times then their asked to reflect.  This means they have to write down two sentences.  One being the problem and the other being the solution.  After their finished, they show the person who last spoke to them.  After it is ok’d, then they can rejoin the class.  Every time after they have reflected and are spoken to again, then they have to reflect again.  However, the students have to reflect their very first time if: they put their hands or any other part of their body on someone else’s, purposely ruin the equipment, or belittle or bully another student.  This system may vary throughout grade levels.  ECE and Kindergarten will not be reflecting but instead, if the student is spoken to throughout a class than that student will not be able to receive a prize that day.  Also, fifth graders write their reflections on paper which I keep.  These are just a couple of the different variances throughout the grade levels.

Relationship Building

Since I see all of the children in the building and I only have 45 minutes with each class, time is very precious with each and every one of the students.  Active Time is a great way for me to get to know the students on a more personal level.  During this time, I may have conversations about family, experiences, likes/dislikes, and goals.  I also am participating at some points during class when I’m not taking care of an issue.  I hope to get to know the families of Colfax through school-wide events so I can form connections and relationships.

P.E. Focus

Each month there is a new unit or focus that is being taught to the students.  This will vary throughout the grade levels.  However, areas that will be covered at all grade levels are:  nutrition, health, and physical fitness.  The components that make up fitness are:  cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.  We strive to encompass all of these areas and components on a daily basis.

I hope that all of this will give you a better understanding about the Physical Education Program at Colfax.  If there are any questions or concerns feel free to email, call the school, or set up an appointment and I will be happy to discuss any idea that may help you or your child.  Thank you.


Joseph Chillemi

P.E. Instructor


Colfax Elementary

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