Tiger Tales January 25th

Dear Colfax Families,

I hope you have been having a great start to the new year! Below is a message from our school nurse, Liz Van Nostrand about staying healthy in the new year.


Sandra Berumen


Colfax Elementary

As we begin a new year, many of us have considered making resolutions or commitments to “starting over”, eliminating bad habits and introducing good ones, be it exercise or eating more healthy foods. Though well intentioned, resolutions generally are not kept and ultimately, fail within the first few months.  Perhaps we expect too much of ourselves, or try for too many changes, and it becomes impossible to keep the promises of “doing better”.

While resolutions are not “bad”, neither are we when we do not achieve expectations.  If it is important that a change is made, be kind to yourself and consider finding a buddy to support you in your efforts. Just as resolutions are not “bad”, neither are expectations if they are reasonable.  Here at Colfax, we have expectations of our students for behavior and choosing to do their best every day.  This seems a reasonable expectation if our goal is to teach personal responsibility and help grow responsible, caring adults.  But, sometimes, our students need support from family, friends, neighbors, and the Colfax

community.  This is where you CAN resolve to make change.  This support will be especially important as some of our students will begin formal, statewide testing

in the coming weeks.  “Our” resolution and it truly means “our”, is to support students in the following ways: 1) please help with a reasonable bedtime (no later than 9:00) for our older students; minimum hours of required sleep in school age children is 10 hours!  2) TV’s should NOT be in bedrooms, as this is the room for sleep, not stimulation. 3) Please help your child arrive in time for breakfast if they are not eating at home; not eating is like trying to drive with no gas in the car (this applies to adults, too). Headaches, stomachaches, and irritability are common symptoms of low blood sugar(hypoglycemia) and concentration becomes difficult.  Under any circumstances, this is not a good way to start the day, but particularly when brains are being challenged to perform and concentration is required.

As we as a community move forward in 2018, let’s resolve to support one another to the best of our abilities, including our children.  It really does “take a village”, in addition to commitment and keeping our promises. Since none of us are perfect, what better way than to rely on each other? Count me in!


Liz Van Nostrand


Upcoming Dates

Feb. 2nd – No School

Non Student Contact Day

Jan. 8th-Feb. 19th

ACCESS Testing-

Kinder-5th grade

“ACCESS” is an annual assessment that assesses social and academic English language development in the areas of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.  It is a state required assessment that meets the federal requirements for monitoring English Learners. When scheduling appointments  for your student please be mindful of these dates.

Jan. 16th- Jan. 17th –Group Testing – Please Schedule appointments for students outside of these dates.  We’ll be testing in groups and these tests can’t be interrupted.

Feb. 1st-Feb. 28th 4:00 p.m.


Choice and Enrollment for the

2018-2019 school year.


Friday Morning Meeting

Every Friday we celebrate our students in morning meeting in the gym from 8:15-8:30. Parents, we love it when you join us!

Coffee with the Principals Fridays from 8:30-9:00

Right after morning meetings please join us in the Family Nook, in front of the office, for a cup of coffee and to chat.