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Dear Colfax Families,

As a parent, I always notice how my children start to get sick with the start of the school year. We want to support you in staying healthy this Flu Season and knowing what to do if your child does get sick. That is why this week’s message is coming to you from our school nurse Liz Van Nostrand


Sandra Berumen


Flu season has arrived! This is not a time for celebration, but rather an opportunity to develop some healthy habits that will, hopefully, protect you and your family.  We can’t always avoid being around others who are coughing and sneezing, but here are some things you can do:

1)     Get your flu shot and make sure everyone in the household gets one, as well.  Some people are not able to receive the vaccine, so speak with the doctor or clinic nurse. Others should receive the vaccine, like the elderly or people with asthma, so make an appointment to become protected as soon as possible.

Remember that Colfax students can use the Lake School Based Health Center if you don’t have a regular medical provider, but you must have an appointment; we would be happy to help with this, if needed.

2)     Cover your cough and sneeze!  Even though you can’t see germs, they are always in the air and is how viruses are spread.  Turning your head to the side, cough/sneeze into your sleeve; or have a tissue available, but remember to dispose of properly in the trash so that another person will not come in contact with those germs.

3)     Wash your hands!  This is the best way to prevent spreading germs or disease, but many of us rush through this very important task.  Be a good example and let your children see you washing your hands before preparing food, after using the restroom, before eating, or after being in public places.  By being responsible in self-care, we can limit the spread of germs and illness.

4)     Regular school attendance is important for learning, but if you child has a fever over 100 degrees, they should remain home.  Remember to notify the office if your child is ill and please help us to keep school a healthy environment for all. If you are not sure if you should keep your child at home, call the health office for advice at 720-424-8744.

5)    Rest, rest, and more rest!  Make sure everyone is going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night.  This means a regular bedtime of 8:30 or so; insufficient sleep weakens the immune system and makes illness more likely.  Get your zzzzz’s and be happier, healthier, and well rested.

Stay healthy and happy this flu season: Take care of yourself and those around you.


Liz Van Nostrand

Colfax Nurse

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