Tiger Tales Oct. 19th

Dear Colfax Families,

We have great news to share with you! Colfax Elementary has been rated  a  GREEN school on the 2017 SPF. The School Performance Framework, or SPF,  measures many important aspects of what we know makes a great school – such as how satisfied students and parents are, how much students have improved their scores on state tests from year to year, and how well the school serves and challenges all of its students. The SPF is like an annual report card for schools, letting us know where a school is making progress and where it needs to focus on improving. The school report card puts special emphasis on student academic growth, or how much progress students have made from one year to the next. [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Sept. 14th

September 14th, 2017

Dear Colfax Families,

Thank you to all of you who attended Back to School Night. We had a great turn out! We received positive feedback about how this event was organized and the general feel of the night.  If you have any additional feedback, please let us know. Thank you also, to those of you who brought a dessert to share to the BBQ! It made this event that much sweeter. [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Aug. 31st

Aug. 31st, 2017


Dear Colfax Families,


I have been really enjoying to get to know students, parents and staff! My favorite part of the day is greeting and talking with students. They always have great questions and great things to share. Jackie, the assistant principal, and I have been going to classrooms to wish students a happy new school year. We have also taken advantage of this time to read them a story and have some great conversations!

  [Read more…]

Tiger Tales Jan. 21

Dear Colfax Families,

I hope you are staying warm in this chilly weather! I wanted to invite all students to wear Western clothes tomorrow (Friday) for Western Day! Our kindergarten students have been working hard to prepare for their performance, which will also be tomorrow from 9-11:30 a.m. A huge thank you to our Kindergarten staff, especially Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Carrillo, Mrs. Granados and Ms. Molina for their help in organizing this special event. [Read more…]