Family Testimonials // Testimonios de familias

“This is my daughter’s first year of school (kindergarten.) Since she is an only child and a first year at school I thought it would be something difficult for both her and I since it would be something new for both of us, but from the first day of registration the entire Colfax staff were very kind to us and we felt welcomed. I love that it is a bilingual school and that my daughter can feel comfortable speaking her first language (Spanish) with her teachers and with the majority of teachers at school. Something that all students are instilled with different cultures, which I think is something very important in the education of our children. Thanks to the  Principal, Michelle Koyama for the meetings “Coffee with the Principal ” They keep us parents up to date with how our children’s learning is going, and we can also share our ideas for the school, or any questions we have. Thank you for taking us into account! I know that my daughter is in good care of each of the Colfax staff members and I appreciate that!

Lucero Almanza, Colfax Parent

“Yo quiero a la escuela Colfax porque tiene maestros muy buenos que han enseñado mucho a mis hijos tanto en el aprendizaje como en los valores. Quiero mucho a Colfax porque me puedo comunicar bien con todo el personal de la escuela, y si yo necesito algo me siento con toda la confianza de pedirlo porque sé que ellos me brindan la ayuda.”

“I love Colfax School because it has very good teachers who have taught my children a lot both in learning and values. I love Colfax very much because I can communicate well with all the school staff, and if I need something I feel confident to ask for it because I know that they will help me.”

Cecilia Sanchez, Madre de familia de Colfax // Cecilia Sanchez, Colfax Parent

“Hola mi nombre es Mary Reyes y quiero hablar sobre mi experiencia teniendo a mis hijos en Colfax Elementary. Pertenezco a esta comunidad como desde el año 2007 llevando a mis hijos mayores y ahorita en la actualidad llevo a mis hijos pequeños y quiero que sepan que Colfax a sido una escuela donde he conocido a maestros maravillosos y a personas tan queridas.Y a mis hijos académicamente les han dado toda la ayuda que ellos han necesitado. En Colfax llegamos a ser como una familia con valores fundamentales.”

“Hello my name is Maria Reyes and I would like to talk about my experience having my children at Colfax Elementary. I belong to the Colfax Community since around 2007 when I took my older children and now I am currently taking my 2 younger children. And I want you to know that Colfax Elementary has been a place where I have met wonderful teachers and such dear people. And my children have received academically all the help they have needed. At Colfax we become a family with all the core values.”

Mary Reyes, Madre de familia de Colfax // Mary Reyes, Colfax Parent

“Hello, We are the Villegas family. We are new to the Colfax Elementary family/community. Our experience has been outstanding. The teachers were great with welcoming my children to a new school. The staff is awesome and friendly towards everyone. I enjoy that there is communication between the teachers and myself with how my kids are progressing and what we can do to help them grow/learn. The teachers are supportive, caring, and attentive to the children’s needs. “

“A mi me gusta la escuela Colfax porque mis hijas han aprendido mucho ahora tengo una hija en la escuela secundaria y mi hija menor que está en el 2do grado y ella lo que me gusta es que los maestros son muy amables y siempre están dispuestos a hablar con nosotros los padres de cualquier cosa referente a nuestros hijos. Es muy buena escuela.”

“I like Colfax Elementary because my daughters have learned a lot. Now I have a daughter in Middle school and my daughter who is in the 2nd grade and what I like is that the teachers are very kind and are always willing to help. Talk to us parents about anything related to our children. It is a very good school.”

Yuridia Rebolledo, Madre de familia de Colfax // Yuridia Rebolledo, Colfax Parent

“We love Colfax Elementary! I had 2 kids complete kindergarten through 5th grade there, who continue to excel in middle and high school thanks to the foundations taught at Colfax. Currently, I have kids in ECE and 1st grade at Colfax. The level of education is exceptional. The teachers are heavily invested and care about the whole child experience. The rest of the staff is top notch, caring for my kids like their own. But my favorite part of Colfax is the community, a strong sense of belonging as soon as you walk up to the school.”

Shantelle Mulliniks, Colfax Parent

“I love Colfax because since the first time I stepped into the building I felt welcomed. My son, Emiliano, who was starting ECE at the time, felt that bond right away. Since he was non-verbal I felt amazed and relieved to leave him in the care of the teachers at Colfax. We had the option to move to a school just a 3 minute walk from our home, but we prefer Colfax. I love how my kids connect with their teachers culturally by speaking in their first language, which is Spanish and that they are learning English. I appreciate every teacher and staff member because they put my boys and all the students first.”

Brenda Rivas, Colfax Parent and Colfax Parent & Family Liaison

“Next year we will have 3 kids at Colfax Elementary and our experience so far has been wonderful. Colfax seems to have their priorities straight when it comes to both education and the development of children. First and foremost, the students absolutely love the teachers and staff with how caring and involved they are. Colfax believes in restorative practices and development of growth mindsets that prioritize personal growth over punishment and discipline. Their math program is fantastic and we have met students at all age levels that are loving and thriving in it! We can’t speak highly enough about this school and hope everyone considers this as a place to choice into!”

Vince and Missy Parenti, Colfax Parents

“When I think of Colfax, the word that comes to mind is “community.” I am a teacher there and the parent of a student. I get a behind-the-scenes view of Colfax, and it is a joyful environment. The small size allows for teachers and staff to get to know each child individually, and it shows in their care and support. Additionally, Colfax is an important part of our neighborhood, bringing neighbors from diverse backgrounds together. I never thought I’d move into the “big city” and experience such a small-town feel. I walk my daughter to and from school, and we often see her classmates when we are outside, at local parks, or even while trick-or-treating. Our family loves it!”

Sarah Cook, Colfax Parent and Colfax Special Ed Teacher