Family Testimonials

“We love Colfax Elementary! I had 2 kids complete kindergarten through 5th grade there, who continue to excel in middle and high school thanks to the foundations taught at Colfax. Currently, I have kids in ECE and 1st grade at Colfax. The level of education is exceptional. The teachers are heavily invested and care about the whole child experience. The rest of the staff is top notch, caring for my kids like their own. But my favorite part of Colfax is the community, a strong sense of belonging as soon as you walk up to the school.”

Shantelle Mulliniks, Colfax Parent

“I love Colfax because since the first time I stepped into the building I felt welcomed. My son, Emiliano, who was starting ECE at the time, felt that bond right away. Since he was non-verbal I felt amazed and relieved to leave him in the care of the teachers at Colfax. We had the option to move to a school just a 3 minute walk from our home, but we prefer Colfax. I love how my kids connect with their teachers culturally by speaking in their first language, which is Spanish and that they are learning English. I appreciate every teacher and staff member because they put my boys and all the students first.”

Brenda Rivas, Colfax Parent and Colfax Parent & Family Liaison

“Next year we will have 3 kids at Colfax Elementary and our experience so far has been wonderful. Colfax seems to have their priorities straight when it comes to both education and the development of children. First and foremost, the students absolutely love the teachers and staff with how caring and involved they are. Colfax believes in restorative practices and development of growth mindsets that prioritize personal growth over punishment and discipline. Their math program is fantastic and we have met students at all age levels that are loving and thriving in it! We can’t speak highly enough about this school and hope everyone considers this as a place to choice into!”

Vince and Missy Parenti, Colfax Parents

“When I think of Colfax, the word that comes to mind is “community.” I am a teacher there and the parent of a student. I get a behind-the-scenes view of Colfax, and it is a joyful environment. The small size allows for teachers and staff to get to know each child individually, and it shows in their care and support. Additionally, Colfax is an important part of our neighborhood, bringing neighbors from diverse backgrounds together. I never thought I’d move into the “big city” and experience such a small-town feel. I walk my daughter to and from school, and we often see her classmates when we are outside, at local parks, or even while trick-or-treating. Our family loves it!”

Sarah Cook, Colfax Parent and Colfax Special Ed Teacher